Common Network and WiFi Device-Related Troubles We Resolve:

  • Need assistance in router and extender setup
  • Unable to find an available network
  • Password not correct
  • Need to update the firmware
  • Unable to detect SSID or network name
  • Slow internet/Intermittent WiFi network
  • Unable to set up WPA settings
  • Having trouble with data sharing
  • Need help for backup and restore
  • Facing difficulty while changing the DNS

Keep Routers And Extenders Fast And Secure

Wireless routers and extenders are an extremely stylish and powerful way to experience fast internet connectivity throughout a house or workplace. In the modern day digital world, these two devices have become necessary for accessing the web in a convenient and easy manner. While routers are essential for networking, extenders can be an optional choice to boost the signal strength of WiFi networks.

Sadly, it is possible for both homeowners and business owners to configure their device on their own, many times; they get stuck with technical difficulties while performing a new extender setup. Fret not! We’re here to back you up with simple step-by-step instructions to make the process fast and easy for you. Just dial the toll-free number provided on this webpage to speak with our technical representatives.

Understanding the terms

Understanding The Terms – An Ultimate Guide

What is a router?

A router is used to make a connection between a device client and the internet. It transmits WiFi networks to different devices in order to share a data picked up from the web to send it to the right device. These networking devices are highly technical, which makes a number of users face difficulties while installing and using these devices. Read the post to learn how to resolve some of the basic troubles on your own. You can also take our professionals’ help to get things fixed permanently.

What is an extender? Wireless extenders are advanced devices that are made to extend WiFi network strength and make the signals available in weak areas of a house or commercial place. An extender picks up the network from your router and carries it to farther areas. In case you feel a bit hesitant about installing your wireless extender by yourself, read this guide or just call our experts by using the toll-free number shown on this page.

Router And Extender Setup: Troubleshooting And Diagnose

Routers and extenders are advanced devices. So, there can occur many types of troubles such as the following:

Overloading and overheating:

During the period of using your networking devices for long can overload them with heavy data. This makes them run slow and face incompatibility with your WiFi network. They also get overheated soon. So, keep removing the data frequently.

Unable to log in:

If you face difficulties while logging in your device, it can be due to wrong credentials you’re entering. Simply check the credentials again. It’s printed on the router’s or extender’s box. Now, type the same in the required place.

Outdated firmware:

Web security specialists always recommend keeping the firmware of networking devices up-to-the-date. This is because the latest software improves the security, functionality, and stability of these devices, and makes them bug-free.

Email Work
Email Difficulties

WiFi Related Difficulties -

One of the most common causes of frustration during a router or extender setup is related to a wireless network. WiFi interruption can spoil internet experience to a great deal as your web tasks like downloading or video streaming get affected badly. Some of the major WiFi related troubles are the following:

Intermittent WiFi connection:

Sometimes, your WiFi is connected but keeps dropping signals now or then. This happens, usually when there’s an obstructive electronic appliance nearby such as a microwave oven or baby monitor.

Mismatched WiFi security settings:

When the settings of your router and a device client don’t match, it can create hurdles in accessing the internet. To fix it, you need to make sure the security protocols of both these devices are the same, such as WPA2. Also, ensure that your router recognizes the password you’re entering in your device client’s WiFi settings.

Network not available:

Many times, even an enabled WiFi network doesn’t show up while installing a new extender. You can get rid of this trouble by reconnecting the power supply of the extender, router, and cable modem.

How We Can Help For An Easy, Fast, And Secure Setup

Sometimes, technical concerns can be hard to identify and resolve, especially, by a basic user. No matter how complicated the trouble that’s making the router and extender setup tough, you can get everything fixed in a matter of minutes. Simply, call our technical specialists by dialing the toll-free number we’re provided on this page. We’ve got on-board highly dedicated and skilled experts who have extensive experience under their belt. They are always determined to utilize their bench strength to provide you with instant, secure, and permanent solutions for all your router and extender related difficulties.

Forget Password Difficulties

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