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Common Hiccups Related To Networking

Unable To Access Network
Due To Duplicate
IP Addresses

Sometimes when users try to share the same IP address
between two devices, a flaw saying “Address Already in Use” flashes
on the screen. It can be due to your router creating an IP for a new
network through its DHCP configuration settings. This can be
resolved by modifying the settings on your router.

Facing Poor Network
Because IP Addresses
Have Exhausted

On failure of finding local routers connected to devices,
an ISP provides limited IP addresses to networks. In this case, routers
need to be upgraded or you can also prevent this by modifying
the security settings of your router.

Domain Name System (DNS)

Flaws like “network path cannot be found” or “DNS name
does not exist” can be caused by the wrong DNS configuration.
You can get rid of this difficulty by setting the network devices to use
their own DNS servers. This is helpful in avoiding the server
assigned by DHCP.

Unable To Connect On A
Single Workstation

When only one workstation is showing a message
“No internet” on a web browser, a need to check the related hardware
or software comes to the scene. You can get this resolved by
removing the barriers that prevent the network from
connecting with the device.

Facing Hiccups
While Sharing Your
Data Locally

Most data sharing difficulties are caused by faulty
security settings on your devices. IT’s recommended to check the
firewall program of your router and computer, changing the public
network to private network, and many other security
protocol related solutions.

Local Network
Not Connecting With
The Internet

This difficulty can occur intermittently or continually.
There can be many reasons such as interfering radio signals responsible
for this difficulty. If the difficulty persists even after rebooting the devices,
a smart move is taking professionals’ help.

Slow Internet
Poor Performance

Most frequently, congestion can be one of the biggest
reasons why your internet is behaving poorly. Perhaps, the
bandwidth has exhausted or the router is at fault. Generally, users
only take care of the reasons like network overload due to data
stolen by a neighboring person. However, checking the DNS
settings can also resolve the hiccup.

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