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Networking Know-How

What We Provide

And Speed

Fast and high-quality network performance is one of the first
concerns of users. We employ both qualitative and quantitative measures to
check your home and business network works the way it should. Whether it is a difficulty related to network bandwidth, throughput, any kind of flaws related to speed drop, data loss, or others; we’re here to make sure you enjoy
unhindered web connectivity. With state-of-the-art technology and
extensive experience, our professionals can make this
happen in an instant.

IP Address
And DNS Server Check

DNS server translates a domain name and turns it into
an IP address, the address of a device. While it seems easy to hear,
there are many difficulties with it. Due to billions of IP addresses globally,
DNS servers face troubles sometimes in performing its task. We make
sure your internet protocols and network efficiency is proper
so that you can access any content you want
without any hindrance.

Hardware, Cables,
And Wiring

Difficulties – like your computer is not allowing you to access Windows, hubs, and switches are not performing well, unable to
have internet connectivity through Cable or DSL – fall into the category
of hardware related difficulties. In that case, you need a professional
technician to help you get things resolved within less time and cost.
This is where we appear on the scene for providing you with
complete solutions.

Data Sharing And

With the expansion of globalization, more freelance and
business work are being done on the internet. External file sharing
includes data transfer via web apps, software, instant messaging apps,
FTP methods, and internal sharing needs printing, scanning, and more
devices to connect with your computer. Don’t worry if anything
starts behaving poorly! Just give us a ping.

Device Setup
And Configuration

Setting up your network and associated devices is the
first step. So, it should be just hassle-free. Be it a router, WiFi extender,
a new access point, or any other network device, you can perform any setup
process on your own. Just connect with one of our representatives
and they will you to finalize the process in a fast, secure,
and simple manner.

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Networking Know-How Services – A Brief Insight
At Networking Know-How, we’ve got the best people for the job of making network-related hiccups just a matter of the past.
With unparalleled proficiency and prowess, our subject expert can guide you to permanently and securely get rid of anything that’s
coming in the way of your using the internet and networking devices.

Our goal is to provide you with a peace of mind with the satisfaction that whenever you get stuck anywhere during
using your home or business network, you have someone to be your all-time, trusted guide. You can connect directly with us for
personalized help at any time of the day and night.